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A Sellics Review Management Alternative

By 11. August 2023March 27th, 2024No Comments

In the dynamic e-commerce world, change often comes with new challenges. This was particularly noticeable for users of the review management function once provided by Sellics, which was discontinued by the acquisition by Perpetua at the beginning of 2023. But what does this imply for former users and what alternatives continue to enable efficient review management?

The acquisition of Sellics – an end to review management functions

Sellics was an effective companion for Amazon merchants, providing a variety of services including customer feedback management. This feature provided merchants with a centralized and efficient platform to process customer reviews and collect valuable feedback. Due to the acquisition of Sellics by Perpetua and the subsequent discontinuation of Review Management, this feature is no longer available to merchants.

Former users of Sellics’ review management feature face the challenge of managing customer reviews and requests on a limited basis through the Amazon Seller or Vendor account.

Without a specific review management tool, merchants not only lose efficiency, but also the ability to address valuable customer feedback in a systematic and orderly manner. This challenge is of significant importance, as professional handling of customer reviews and inquiries is critical to building customer trust and brand image.

In addition, reviews play an important role in increasing conversion rates by directly answering customer questions. Nowadays, customers expect constructive feedback from brands and manufacturers.

gominga – the comprehensive alternative for professional review management

In the context of this challenge, gominga comes on the scene as a compelling alternative. As a comprehensive review management tool, we offer broad coverage of different platforms, including Amazon, Bazaarvoice, mobile apps and Google Locations.

But what specifically differentiates gominga from Sellics’ review management feature?

A key differentiator is in the area of engagement and customer service on online platforms. The gominga review manager offers users the ability to manage the engagement process through an integrated ticket management system, which is a more efficient and centralized way to handle customer interactions than the now limited option in Amazon Account.

Most importantly, gominga covers a wide range of platforms. This means that gominga is not limited to Amazon, but includes all relevant retailers worldwide, as well as Google, mobile apps and D2C stores.

As a specialized online review tool, gominga focuses on managing reviews, interacting with customer feedback and analyzing customer insights.


trekstore logo

“Quick and easy review monitoring leads to improved customer experience.”

Simon Wiedemann, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager TREKSTOR GmbH

“First-class access to our customers, flexible and high-quality partnership.”

Andreas Urbach, Head of Marketing Home Entertainment LG ELECTRONICS Deutschland GmbH

“Review management is no longer an avant-garde topic for us, but a service channel to be taken seriously.”

Marcus Nessler, Head of Customer Experience Samsung Electronics GmbH

The added values of gominga

gominga makes it possible to interact on multiple platforms simultaneously and to control engagement activities within the ticket management system.

This does not only mean interaction with Amazon, but also with German retailers like Galaxus, international marketplaces like Cdiscount and Walmart, as well as Google, mobile apps and own D2C brand webshops.

The benefits are obvious: it provides a comprehensive overview of customer feedback and interaction opportunities on all relevant platforms. This allows retailers, brands and manufacturers to be present where their customers are!

Ratings, reviews and Q&A can be managed within one interface. This increases efficiency through the use of templates, text modules, assignments, tags, alerts and reports. Compared to the rudimentary processing of reviews and questions in the Amazon account, Gominga provides a centralized and efficient platform for managing customer feedback.

Another outstanding feature is data security. gominga allows access to all platforms via only ONE login. This reduces complexity and increases security by minimizing the risk associated with using different login credentials, which means that passwords to sensitive ecommerce accounts such as Amazon Seller or Vendor Account do not have to be shared with internal or even external (agency) employees.

In addition, gominga’s customer support is particularly noteworthy. A personal gominga account manager is in close cooperation with the customer organization’s team to implement a solution tailored to the organization’s needs.

The gominga review manager

With our SaaS tool, you can gain valuable feedback from your customers and up-to-date overview of the market and competition. Engage with your customers and turn insights from reviews into action. Simple and scalable. Worldwide and with only one tool.

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Following Perpetua’s discontinuation of Sellics’ review management function, many retailers are facing new challenges. While change can sometimes bring challenges, it can also open up new opportunities. The discontinuation of Sellics’ review management function offers one such opportunity – a chance to discover new tools and unlock more efficient as well as effective methods in handling and engaging with customer reviews.

gominga offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for professional review management. The functional scope goes significantly beyond the former review functions of Sellics, as different platforms can be handled with an integrated ticket management system. The high data security and the personal customer support are the main features of the SAAS solution by gominga.

If you want to know more about the gominga review manager – you can find further infos about our review management tool.

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