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Technical Integration

The gominga Review Manager is the leading SaaS tool for online review management. In addition, gominga offers an API and dedicated technical integrations for selected 3rd party software systems.

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gominga Review Manager

The gominga Review Manager is your ready-to-use SaaS tool. All you need is a user name and password! No IT resources needed to get startet!

gominga API

For our enterprise clients we have developed an API, which allows customized technical integrations into CRM, BI etc. systems. This API is also used by our OEM partners.

Technical integrations

gominga offers dedicated technical integrations for the customer service tool Zendesk and the analytics tool MS Power BI.

We are happy to help you with all your questions about the technical integration of the gominga Review Manager!

The gominga Review Manager, your one-stop-shop for all ratings, reviews and questions

Our SaaS tool enables you to take the next step in your consumer intelligence journey. Engage with your customers and turn review insights into action. At scale.

The gominga API – your way to integrate all reviews & questions into a 3rd party software solution

For all our products we have API interfaces. This allows an easy integration into existing IT systems. For example, you can integrate reviews to your existing CRM, social media or analytics tools.

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We are happy to help you with all your questions about the technical integration of the gominga Review Manager!

Our Zendesk integration

gominga Zendesk app

We are an official Zendesk partner. Our dedicated Zendesk integration allows you to receive reviews and questions in your Zendesk ticket management system.

Use review-specific custom fields to manage your work-flow. Reply to customers directly out of Zendesk.

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How does Zendesk work?

You are a customer service leader and are interested to use Zendesk as your leading CS tool?

You already do and want to learn more about the gominga integration?

Then read our guide!

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Zendesk client case study

MTD Products AG collaborates with gominga to monitor, analyze and reply to ratings, reviews and Q&A.

The gominga Review Manager combines customer feedback from different platforms and allows customer service teams to respond within Zendesk.

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Our MS Power BI integration

gominga Power BI

For all marketeers, product managers and analytics specialists, we offer a MS Power BI integration. Monitor and analyze all ratings, reviews and questions data in MS Power BI!

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