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Product Review Management

For Amazon and other online marketplaces

Our product review management software allows you to monitor, analyze and comment on product ratings, reviews and Q&A on Amazon and other online marketplaces – nationally and internationally. Numerous features such as an email alerting and an issue management system make your work easy.

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Product Review Management Software by gominga

We enable professional product review management on ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Otto, Walmart or Zalando. We have several APIs to integrate the gominga Review Manager into existing software systems like Zendesk.

Feel free to contact us for a free demo and learn how you can improve your review management with gominga.

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Systematically generate decision-relevant insights

  • Ratings: Evaluate product reviews and questions on the most important e-business platforms, national and international
  • Dashboard: See all reviews and questions at a glance, with various analysis and drill-down options
  • Improvement: Identify market opportunities and problems at an early stage with our continuous analysis of product reviews and questions
  • Feedback: Integrate customer feedback into your product development and strategy work
  • KPIs: Check the strengths and weaknesses of your products

Additional modules

Take your business to the next level

  • Content+: Use additional information on your reviews and questions including the entire history on the respective platform
  • Response+: Empower your customer service and interact directly with your consumer; respond to product reviews and questions with a fully integrated ticket management system
  • Analytics+:  Further analyze all reviews, questions and processed tickets by tagging/classifying them and thus gain valuable insights on the reasons behind customer complaints
  • Sentiment+: Use sentiment analysis on product feedback to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your products. Market research made usable by the end customer!
  • Competitor+: Monitor not only customer feedback on your own products but also on your competitors! Compare the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors!

A product review management software tailored to your needs

The gominga Review Manager is structured in a modular way. Modules can be selected individually on the basis of the starter package. This way, our offering can be tailored exactly to your needs – building customer loyalty and expanding customer service. Use our Product Review Management SaaS tool for review analytics and competitor monitoring.

You determine which and how many items are managed on which e-business platform, as well as the frequency of data updates. Whether you start with a small selection of strategically important products on one of the platforms, or want to monitor and actively manage a large assortment across countries, the gominga Review Manager enables you to make any setup possible.

product review management with gominga

Additional modules


Empower your customer service! Interact directly with your end consumer and answer systematically to product reviews and questions.

  • Customer loyalty: Intensify customer loyalty through direct communication between consumer and brand!
  • Enterprise-wide: work facilitation through professional issue management/ticket system, especially relevant for larger, cross-departmental cooperation
  • Direct: publishing directly to various e-business platforms from ONLY ONE TOOL – the gominga Review Manager! No login to different platform accounts necessary, no tool change necessary
  • One platform: Easy publishing process through central editorial work for all eBusiness platforms
  • Efficiency: Easy setup of templates to comment on reviews as well as easily configurable e-mail alerts for reviews, questions and issues


Market research with sentiment analysis: identify consumers’ mood towards your brand and evaluate your consumer feedback.

With the help of our sentiment analysis you will very quickly learn how well your marketing campaigns, services, your company or your products are received by the market and by your customers. Identify moods early enough to be able to react quickly and data-driven. Expensive opinion polls are not necessary any longer. All you have to do is analyze the data available on the Internet – and let us help you!

  • Customer service: Understanding consumers and providing them with the best possible service
  • Product development: identifying problems, identifying customer needs, gaining ideas, optimizing products for the customer
  • Marketing: Understanding and addressing target groups in a differentiated way, optimally controlling measures, especially campaigns for SEA, SEO, AMS, etc.
  • Product management: Analyze new product launches, improve life cycle management
  • Public Relations: Capturing moods, managing reputation, strengthening customer relationships


Find out more about your reviewers, analyze historical developments and seasonalities of your products!

Deepen your analysis and learn more about your customers’ feedback through further details, e.g. whether a rating has been rated as “helpful”, whether there is already a customer response to a product question, or whether the author of the feedback is a top reviewer or in the VINE program.

In addition, we provide you with the entire data history, so that you can also analyze seasonalities and historical developments, for example.


Categorization, classification and orientation using keywords. Easily evaluate your reviews and gain insights.

Thanks to our tagging, you can classify and evaluate all questions and reviews as well as processed issues/tickets according to source of error or reason for complaint. In this way, you learn which of your consumers’ main reasons are to speak up by means of reviews or questions.
Learn what moves your consumers and which are the most frequently mentioned topics: Quality? Customer service? Etc. Use Analytics + to further improve your business.


Keep an eye on the competition! Compare the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors!

Keep an eye on the competition! What makes the competition better than you in the eyes of the end consumer, what makes it worse? What are the questions and concerns about the products? Is it the quality of the product? The handling? The operation? Is the customer service better? Our additional modules can be extended by the competition data to the product reviews and questions, so that you get an even better picture of the market – industry-wide, nationally and internationally.

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Product Review Managment Tool – FAQs

Who is the product review management STARTER package suitable for?

The STARTER package is intended for “beginners”, i.e. companies of all sizes and from all sectors. Do you want to start analyzing your product reviews and gain insights from them? Then the STARTER package is just right for you!

You are a large global company and want to analyze not only 50 but 500 articles with the product review manager by gominga? Then we will simply extend the STARTER package for you by jointly determining the number of items tailored to your needs! Contact us and we will be happy to advise you!

Can the additional modules also be booked individually?

Yes and no. Each additional module must be booked in combination with the STARTER package. Other than that, each module can be used individually or together with others. For example, you can select the STARTER package together with the CONTENT+ module, or you can also use the STARTER package with the RESPONSE+ module. Or those three together etc.

Which platforms do you cover with your product review management software?

With the gominga product review manager you can theoretically actively manage product reviews on all eBusiness platforms. Globally, we offer Review Management Software for all Amazon country platforms as well as TrustedShops, bazaarvoice and Google Play Store. Further, we cover all relevant national and industry-specific ecommerce sites and marketplaces such as Otto, Conrad, Notebooksbilliger, Obi, Walmart or Zalando. We are continuously expanding our offer and are happy to work together with our customers to include additional platforms. Contact us for your specific inquiry.

However, when using the individual modules, you have to check the functionality of the respective platform. For example, there are platforms that have no question functionality, others do not allow the commenting of reviews or the answering of questions etc..

Is it possible to change or add platforms at a later date?

Yes, this is possible at any time. Please contact us with your specific request.

Is it possible to remove items or add new ones afterwards?

Yes, this is of course possible. If items are removed from the assortment or new ones are launched, this can of course also be updated in the gominga Review Manager.

Is the data available in real time?

No. Depending on what you – our customer – want, we can update the data in our tool in regular intervals. This does not happen in real time but can be set individually, for example from once a week to several times a day. This depends, among other things, on the volume of reviews (and questions) and your business need (i.e. how often or how many times a day will your team work with the tool).

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