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Managing Bazaarvoice reviews and questions with gominga’s Zendesk app

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gominga for bazaarvoice

Online reviews as well as questions and answers are becoming more and more important. Many companies use Bazaarvoice as a review tool: both brand manufacturers for their own web store and retailers on their store pages. In a first step, Bazaarvoice technically allows a review function to be displayed on the respective product detail page. In the backend, companies can then analyze these reviews and questions and also answer them.

Zendesk is a customer service software for companies of all industries and sizes. gominga has a specific technical Zendesk integration and is represented in the official Zendesk Marketplace with a dedicated gominga app ( This allows Zendesk users to easily edit their reviews and questions from Amazon, Google & Co. through their Zendesk interface.

This guide should help you to better understand the connections between Bazaarvoice, Zendesk and gominga.

Bazaarvoice for your own webshop

Bazaarvoice is known internationally by many companies and is widely used in many webshops. For example, brand manufacturers use the integration to offer a ratings & reviews function on the product detail pages. This allows consumers to share opinions and experiences with others. These reviews can then of course also be commented by the company.


Learn from customer behavior and stay one step ahead of trends (Source: Bazaarvoice)

Using the so-called Bazaarvoice Workbench backend, reviews can be analyzed and answered by the company.

Bazaarvoice for etailers such as MediaMarkt in Germany or Homedepot in the U.S.A.

In addition to the offer for your own website, Bazaarvoice also offers the integration of its rating function for online retailers. This allows consumers to post new reviews or read existing reviews on the retailer’s product detail page.

Here too, the individual reviews can be edited in the backend – both by the retailer and the manufacturer (depending on the Bazaarvoice package).

In the U.S.A. and Europe Bazaarvoice has a very large number of customers and thus has a far-reaching network of brands and retailers.


Review syndication with Bazaarvoice

By linking manufacturers and retailers for online reviews, Bazaarvoice offers its customers the largest network for review syndication worldwide. This means reviews can be transferred from one website to another. For example, a brand manufacturer can transfer a review from one country webshop to another (e.g. from to as well as from one country webshop to a retailer site (e.g. from to

Please refer to our “Review Syndication” guide


Bazaarvoice reviews as well as questions and answers

Bazaarvoice offers all its customers a functionality for reviews as well as questions and answers. These can be used for your own webshop as well as by retailers. The same applies to the processing – i.e. the analysis and answering of reviews and questions. In addition to reviews, questions & answers can also be syndicated, i.e. “distributed”.

Managing Bazaarvoice reviews with gominga

gominga covers all relevant eBusiness platforms worldwide in terms of online reviews as well as questions and answers. In addition to the major players with self-developed rating functions such as Amazon, many of these players use Bazaarvoice. gominga therefore offers all its customers the option of managing ratings from the Bazaarvoice network. This includes reviews and Q&A on manufacturer sites as well as retailer sites.

Managing Bazaarvoice reviews with the gominga Zendesk app

gominga is the world’s No. 1 in review management and has developed a dedicated Zendesk integration. This enables Zendesk users to manage all reviews and questions via Zendesk, i.e. in addition to the well-known customer service channels in Zendesk, all relevant online players can be connected to the gominga app with regard to reviews and questions.

You can find the gominga Zendesk app in the Zendesk Marketplace. The technical integration is very easy.



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