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Managing Bazaarvoice reviews and questions with gominga’s Zendesk app

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bazaarvoice reviews

We spend more and more time on the internet. Be it to search for information, to shop online, or simply to pass the time. Buyers are increasingly looking for reviews or opinions of others to decide on a product or service. Companies have also realized that online reviews and Q&As are becoming more critical. It does not matter whether the reviews are positive or negative because negative reviews are at least as necessary for buyers. Negative feedback often gives them an even better insight and more product information. Customers expect companies to respond promptly to reviews and answer the questions asked. The reaction makes the customer feel valued, builds trust, and supports the purchase decision. Additionally, it shows the customer that the company strives to provide the best possible customer service.

A little refresher: What are Bazaarvoice and Zendesk?

For this reason, many companies use Bazaarvoice as a review tool. Bazaarvoice offers an extensive network of retailers, brands, and buyers, making it the leading UGC provider. Bazaarvoice’s platform makes it possible to publish customer reviews in the brand manufacturer’s web shop, e-commerce marketplaces, social media, and individual shop pages of other retailers. Through more reviews on the respective platform, the trust of the prospective customers in the brand and its products increases.

Zendesk, on the other hand, is a customer support software for companies of all industries and sizes that helps to manage and answer all customer inquiries across different channels.

To enable Zendesk users to easily manage their reviews and queries from Amazon, Google & Co. via your Zendesk interface, we have developed a specific Zendesk app, the gominga Review Manager, which is available here and in the official Zendesk Marketplace.

With this guide, we would like to help you better understand the connections between Bazaarvoice, Zendesk, and gominga.

Bazaarvoice for your own webshop

Bazaarvoice is known internationally by many companies and is utilized in numerous webshops. For example, brand manufacturers use the integration to offer a rating function on product detail pages. It allows consumers to share their opinions and experiences with others. These ratings can then be commented on by companies and analyzed and managed by the company via the so-called Bazaarvoice Workbench Backend. With Bazaarvoice, it is possible to integrate a consistent review function on each product detail page. At the same time, all reviews and questions can be analyzed and answered in the backend.


Learn from customer behavior and stay one step ahead of trends
(Source: Bazaarvoice)

Review syndication with Bazaarvoice

By linking manufacturers and retailers in terms of online reviews, Bazaarvoice offers its customers the largest review syndication network in the world.

It implies that reviews can be transferred easily from one website to another. For example, a brand manufacturer can transfer a review from its country webshop to another country (for example from to At the same time, it is possible to transfer reviews from a country webshop to a retailer site (e.g. from to

Learn more about “Review Syndication” here.

Bazaarvoice for retailers such as MediaMarkt in Germany or Homedepot in the U.S.A.

In addition to the offer for your own website, Bazaarvoice also offers the integration of its rating function for online retailers. This allows consumers to post new reviews or read existing reviews on the retailer’s product detail page. In the U.S.A. and Europe Bazaarvoice has a very large number of customers and thus has a far-reaching network of brands and retailers.

Depending on the Bazaarvoice package, the individual reviews can be edited in the backend – both by the merchant and the manufacturer.

gominga – the connection between Bazaarvoice and Zendesk

Bazaarvoice offers its customers functionalities for ratings, questions, and answers for various digital platforms. It means that they can be used for their webshop as well as by merchants. The same applies to processing –  for example analyzing and answering reviews and questions. In addition, questions and answers can be syndicated, i.e. “distributed” alongside reviews.

Their reaction to reviews is essential to strengthen the brand image. However, to be able to develop a comprehensive understanding of their customer’s needs and concerns and in this way improve and enhance their customer experience, it is worth linking Bazaarvoice with the Zendesk customer support platform. To enable integration, we have developed the gominga Review Manager Zendesk app

Tying into this, gominga collects feedback from various sources such as Amazon, Bazaarvoice, Google My Business, Trustpilot, and more. Reviews and questions are automatically converted into a Zendesk ticket which can be handled by customer service agents. Relevant data points are delivered as custom fields in Zendesk, enabling efficient workflow management.

For example, customer reviews and feedback from Bazaarvoice can be integrated into Zendesk to provide support agents with valuable information that can help resolve customer issues. In addition, companies can use Zendesk to respond to customer complaints or requests regarding products or services that have surfaced in Bazaarvoice reviews or feedback.

Answer all reviews and questions in Zendesk with gominga.

With its one-stop-shop approach, gominga offers the possibility to bundle all reviews on marketplaces, retailer platforms, or direct-to-customer shops. Using Bazaarvoice in conjunction with Zendesk is very interesting for brands and manufacturers, especially in terms of customer service, customer loyalty, and product improvement. Here are some of the benefits:

Improved customer interaction: Integrating Bazaarvoice reviews with Zendesk and gominga Review Manager allows support staff to get a more comprehensive view of customer feedback. It helps them to target customer queries better and provide informed answers to questions about products or services.

Efficient troubleshooting: When customers raise specific issues or concerns in reviews, support staff can use this information to quickly and specifically address similar concerns. It improves the efficiency of troubleshooting and reduces the need for repeated follow-ups.

Product improvement: Linking Bazaarvoice with Zendesk enables companies to incorporate customer feedback directly into product development and improvement. The insights gained from the reviews can be used to optimize products in a targeted way and to meet customer expectations better.

Personalized customer service: By knowing customer reviews, support staff can personalize customer service. They can address specific opinions, preferences, and concerns to increase customer satisfaction.

Real-time feedback: Companies can get real-time customer feedback by integrating Bazaarvoice with Zendesk and gominga. It allows them to react to current trends and sentiments and adjust their business strategy accordingly.

Transparency and trust: Displaying customer reviews in Zendesk can increase transparency and boost customer trust. Customers see that the company is open to feedback and actively works to promote positive customer experiences.

Holistic customer understanding: Integrating customer reviews into Zendesk adds to the bigger picture. As well as responding to direct requests, companies can also use indirect opinions and impressions from customers to adjust their marketing and support strategies.

In summary, using Bazaarvoice with Zendesk provides a seamless connection between customer feedback and the customer support process. It allows companies to understand their customers better, improve their products, and increase the overall quality of their services.

Conclusion: Manage Bazaarvoice reviews with the gominga Zendesk App

gominga is the world’s No.1 in review management and has developed a dedicated Zendesk integration. It means that Zendesk users can also easily manage review management via Zendesk, which means in addition to the familiar customer service channels in Zendesk, all relevant online players regarding reviews and questions can be connected via the gominga app. Thus, the gominga Review Manager App simplifies the monitoring and answering of reviews and questions for your products, mobile apps, brand webshops, and locations.

gominga thus enables the management and analysis of reviews and questions from over 300 online platforms in one application. gominga enables businesses to efficiently and easily respond to customer reviews, turning prospects into repeat customers.

The gominga Review Manager app is here and on the official Zendesk Marketplace.

The technical integration works very simply.

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