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Customer Engagement

Engage with your customers and turn review insights into action. Create relationships with your customer base to foster brand loyalty and awareness. Deliver experiences across channels and cultivate emotional connections.


Direct response

Respond directly to all reviews and questions from within our tool. Our technology automatically publishes the response to the respective online platform.

Ticket management

Professonal ticket management for your customer service teams. Assign tickets, filter by status, prioritize by rating or platform etc..

Bulk reply

Save time and reply to multiple complaints at the same time.

Templates & textblocks

Use intelligent templates & textblocks to reply quickly and consistantly.


Tag each ticket, analyze reasons for complaints. Turn review insights into action.


Monitor ticket volumes by status, platform or star rating. Watch SLAs and your CSAT. Enhance performance.

94% of consumers expect a brand to answer their questions and respond to their negative posts.

Territory Influence / Bertelsmann Group

Ticket management system

Our integrated ticket management system allows your customer service teams and external agencies to professionally respond to each customer feedback. Assign tickets to individuals or groups. Prioritize questions and negative reviews, filter and select by ticket status, review type, platform, star rating etc..

One login for all platforms

No need to log in to various backend systems any longer, no switching between tools! You simply log in the gominga Review Manager and you can reply directly to your product, mobile app, location, webshop or company reviews and questions!

Respond to reviews & questions

Respond to individual reviews and questions, ticket by ticket. Amazon product question, negative Apple App Store review, positive Trustpilot review, Google location question, and so on. Make your customers happy – across all channels!

Templates & textblocks

Create a brand voice guide and use templates & textblocks. For replying to common complaints and user feedback across channels, this saves time and will keep your brand more consistent. Our system will only suggest certain templates when relevant, e.g. for certain products or platforms.

Reportings & metrics

Show how your product’s features matter, how they set you apart from the competition, and how you can transform your customer’s experience at work or at home.

Report abuse to platform

Use the “Report abuse” button within our ticket management system to tell Amazon, for example, that a specific review violates the platform’s review guidelines. Our co-called review deletion process helps increase your star rating!

See the gominga Review Manager in action and learn how your campany can benefit from it!


“We wanted more customer engagement and gominga came into my focus because the tool includes text mining and sentiment analysis. ”

Marcus Rottmann - Senior Specialist Market Research International

Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG

“Review management is no longer an avant-garde topic for us but a customer service channel to be taken seriously.”

Marcus Nessler - Head of Customer Experience

Samsung Electronics GmbH

“gominga saves us time by feeding the UGC data into our CRM system, where we can respond to those customers and analyze our UGC data.”

Alex Hooper - Senior Brand Marketing Manager

Techtronic Industries Power Equipment (TTIPE)

"gominga enables us to evaluate customer reviews in a time- and resource-saving manner and to use direct consumer feedback for product development, marketing and optimization of our content."

Christian Michel - Head of Marketing & Performance

Zapf Creation AG

gominga Zendesk integration

How it works

As a Zendesk Marketplace App, the gominga integration allows to respond to all reviews and questions from within the Zendesk ticket management system. Depending on the platform that is relevant to you, gominga provides additional custom fields such as star rating, platform, brand, category, mobile app version etc.. This allows a professional and scalable workflow for your teams!

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Client case study

MTD Products AG, a Stanley Black & Decker company, works with gominga to monitor, analyze and respond to ratings, reviews and Q&A. gominga provides the critical component of consolidating customer feedback from various platforms and enables customer service teams to respond to individual reviews and questions within Zendesk.

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Improve your online reputation

GARDENA, the leading brand for high-quality garden tools, works with gominga to improve its online reputation. Social listening and customer engagement are key, especially for major platforms such as Amazon.

Review managemen insights samsung

Provide the best customer experience

Samsung’s top target is: Offer customers an optimal customer experience. The consumer electronics brand has numerous touchpoints where customers rate their products or simply ask questions. Without professional review management this would hardly be possible.


How to deal with negative reviews

Ever wondered what to do with negative reviews? Dispute them? Embrace them? How to respond to them? Our guide explains why they are important and how you should react.

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Please get in touch with us too see the functionality of our review management tool and fill out the form to receive the best information for your use case.