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Review Management Software

Engage with your customers and turn review insights into action! Understand and address customer needs, improve overall customer experience!


All platforms

We cover all relevant global online platforms such as Amazon, Apple, Bazaarvoice, Google, Trustpilot, Walmart and many more!

Consumer Insights

Listen to your customers, understand market sentiment, identify root causes for complaints!

Customer Engagement

Value your customers, take user feedback seriously, engage with them and respond to reviews and questions!

The gominga Review Manager, your one-stop-shop for all ratings, reviews and questions

Listen to your customers. Take feedback seriously and know what people say about your products and services. Manage existing reviews and questions, gain valuable consumer insights, and interact directly with users. Strengthen your brand and improve sales.


“We wanted more customer engagement and gominga came into my focus because the tool includes text mining and sentiment analysis. ”

Marcus Rottmann - Senior Specialist Market Research International

Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG

“Review management is no longer an avant-garde topic for us but a customer service channel to be taken seriously.”

Marcus Nessler - Head of Customer Experience

Samsung Electronics GmbH

“gominga saves us time by feeding the UGC data into our CRM system, where we can respond to those customers and analyze our UGC data.”

Alex Hooper - Senior Brand Marketing Manager

Techtronic Industries Power Equipment (TTIPE)

See the gominga Review Manager in action and learn how your campany can benefit from it!

Review Management with gominga

Professional review management with the gominga Review Manager. Our review management software allows you to manage ratings, reviews, and questions across numerous platforms globally. The gominga Review Manager: your one-stop-shop for professional review management. Covering hundreds of platforms worldwide, we serve our clients from all industries and sizes.

Product reviews
DTC brand webshops and marketplaces such as Amazon and many more!
Location reviews
Google Maps, Google My Business and Yelp
Mobile App reviews
Apple App Store, Google Play Store & Amazon Appstore
Webshop & company reviews
ekomi, Trusted Shops and Trustpilot
API & Technical Integrations
Besides the gominga Review Manager, we offer an API to integrate our functions into existing software systems.

94% of consumers expect a brand to answer their questions and respond to their negative posts.

Territory Influence / Bertelsmann Group

Monitoring, alerting, analysis and response

For all product, location, mobile app, webshop & company reviews and the relevant platforms, our SaaS tool offers several modules and functionalities. With our one-stop-shop review management solution, you and your teams can bring your customer experience management to the next level.

gominga review manager

Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights and market intelligence made easy! Our SaaS software enables you and your teams to collect and evaluate customer feedback in a structured and scalable way.

  • Monitoring, Alerting & Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis

Monitor and improve every step along the customer journey. Uncover potential, understand end-to-end experience across all digital channels, identify experience gaps, and take purposeful action with maximum impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Customer Engagement

Customer experience management in the digital age! Interact with users, address their concerns. Comment on reviews, reply to questions. Make use of our customer-centric, omnichannel platform for immediate & in-depth responses.

  • Ticket management system
  • Templates & texblocks
  • Ticket status, tracking & reporting

Build healthy relationships with your customers. At scale, and across multiple digital touchpoints and channels. Work with our centralized hub for tracking customer interactions across platforms. Track ticket traffic and customer happiness. Take your customer service to the next level.

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No matter which platform is relevant for you, no matter which modules you choose, we can help you and your team with our state-of-the-art review management software. In addition to our modules for Consumer Insights and Customer Engagement, the following features are just a few examples of how we make your review management easy:

Create custom dashboards for your use-cases, for individuals or teams. See what’s relevant for you. Understand trends and major KPIs at a glance. Look at high-level, aggregated metrics or drill down for details
Search engine
Deep search across all platforms, through titles and texts for all ratings, reviews and questions
Historical data
All historical data for ratings, reviews and questions. Configurable time periods. For your own and for competititor data
Configurable email alerts for ratings, reviews and question. Configurations possible for review types and platforms, brands, categories, individual products, star rating, keywords, individual recipients and groups, various time settings (daily, weekly…) etc.
Data exports
Set up instant, one-off data exports or regular weekly or monthly reports. Receive your customized reports with all relevant insights. Reports can be sent to individuals or groups
Integrated translation function from 100 languages into German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese
Single Sign On
Single Sign On for our corporate clients. Employees can use their corporate login credentials for the gominga Review Manager
Tagging function to classify and analyze problem types and reasons for complaints. For all review types and platforms. Especially for all customer service tickets
In-depth filters quickly show you the results you want. Quickly and conveniently. Set individual or multiple filters, e.g. for star rating, platform, brand, category, location, mobile app version etc.. Search for specific terms within review (or question) texts and titles.
Rights & roles
Role assignment and access rights management system, group management and roles for users and user groups


Please get in touch with us too see the functionality of our review management tool and fill out the form to receive the best information for your use case.