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Review Management Software

Engage with your customers and turn review insights into action! Understand and address customer needs, improve overall customer experience!


All platforms

We cover all relevant global online platforms such as Amazon, Apple, Bazaarvoice, Google, Trustpilot, Walmart and many more!

Consumer Insights

Listen to your customers, understand market sentiment, identify root causes for complaints! gominga offers a management platform that helps!

Customer Engagement

Value your customers, take user feedback seriously, engage with them and tighten your customer relationship management by responding to customer feedback and questions!

The gominga Review Management software: your one-stop-shop for all ratings, online reviews and questions

Welcome to the gominga Review Manager, the ultimate tool for efficient and effective review monitoring, managing and reputation management. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, our software is designed to help you handle reviews and ratings from all platforms, ensuring that you have a comprehensive overview of your online reputation.


“We wanted more customer engagement and gominga came into my focus because the tool includes text mining and sentiment analysis. ”

Marcus Rottmann - Senior Specialist Market Research International

Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG

“Review management is no longer an avant-garde topic for us but a customer service channel to be taken seriously.”

Marcus Nessler - Head of Customer Experience

Samsung Electronics GmbH

“gominga saves us time by feeding the UGC data into our CRM system, where we can respond to those customers and analyze our UGC data.”

Alex Hooper - Senior Brand Marketing Manager

Techtronic Industries Power Equipment (TTIPE)

„gominga ermöglicht es uns Kundenbewertungen zeit- und ressourcenschonend auszuwerten und das direkte Feedback der Konsumenten für Produktentwicklung, Marketing und Optimierung unseres Contents nutzbar zu machen.“

Christian Michel - Head of Marketing & Performance

Zapf Creation AG

See the gominga Review Manager in action and learn how your campany can benefit from it!

Review Management with gominga

Professional online review management with the gominga Review Manager. Our comprehensive review management software provides all the essential features you need to effectively manage your online reputation. It allows you to manage ratings, reviews, and questions across numerous platforms globally. The gominga Review Manager: your one-stop-shop for professional review management. Covering hundreds of platforms worldwide, we serve our clients from all industries and sizes. Take control of your online reviews with the gominga Review Manager.

Product reviews
DTC brand webshops and marketplaces such as Amazon and many more!
Location reviews
Google Maps, Google My Business and Yelp
Mobile App reviews
Apple App Store, Google Play Store & Amazon Appstore
Webshop & company reviews
ekomi, Trusted Shops and Trustpilot
API & Technical Integrations
Besides the gominga Review Manager, we offer an API to integrate our functions into existing software systems.

94% of consumers expect a brand to answer their questions and respond to their negative posts.

Territory Influence / Bertelsmann Group

Review management solution for all online platforms

Our gominga review management software is compatible with all major review sites, allowing you to monitor and respond to user reviews across various platforms without any hassle. With the gominga review management platform, you can easily consolidate all your online reviews, making it easier to track and manage your reputation. Get more and better reviews with software that helps!

Monitoring, alerting, analysis and response

For all product, location, mobile app, webshop & company reviews and the relevant platforms, our SaaS tool offers several modules and functionalities. With our one-stop-shop review management solution, you and your teams can bring your customer experience management to the next level.

gominga review manager

Find the Best Review Management Software for Your Business

Are you in need of review management software to enhance your online reputation? Look no further! The gominga Review Manager is the top review management software in 2023 and further. Join our platform today and experience the benefits of our powerful review management solution.

Engage with your customers and turn review insights into action! Understand and address customer needs, improve overall customer experience!

Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights and market intelligence made easy! Gain valuable insights into customer experience with our powerful analytics tools and detect the reason to negative reviews. Our SaaS software enables you and your teams to collect and evaluate customer feedback in a structured and scalable way.

  • Monitoring, Alerting & Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis

Monitor and improve every step along the customer journey. Uncover potential, understand end-to-end experience across all digital channels, identify experience gaps, and take purposeful action with maximum impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Learn more

Customer Engagement

Customer experience management in the digital age! Interact with users, address their concerns. The review management platform empowers you to actively engage with your audience, showing them that you value their feedback and are committed to providing exceptional service. Make use of our customer-centric, omnichannel platform for immediate & in-depth responses.

  • Ticket management system
  • Templates & texblocks
  • Ticket status, tracking & reporting

Build healthy relationships with your customers. Comment on reviews, reply to questions. At scale, and across multiple digital touchpoints and channels. Work with our centralized hub for tracking customer interactions across platforms. Track ticket traffic and customer happiness. Take your customer service to the next level.

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No matter which platform is relevant for you, no matter which modules you choose, we can help you and your team with our state-of-the-art review management software. In addition to our modules for Consumer Insights and Customer Engagement, the following features are just a few examples of how we make your online review management easy:

Get a quick overview of your review performance with our user-friendly dashboard. Monitor key metrics, track trends, and keep an eye on your online reputation in one centralized location.
Search engine
Easily search and filter through your reviews to find specific feedback and uncover valuable insights. Our search engine allows you to quickly navigate through your review data, saving you time and effort.
Historical data
Access historical review data to track changes and see how your reputation has evolved over time. With our software, you can examine past reviews and identify long-term patterns and trends.
Stay informed about new reviews and ratings with our alerting system. Get real-time notifications whenever there's a new review, enabling you to respond promptly and address any concerns.
Data exports
Export your review data in various formats for further analysis or integration with other systems. Our software allows you to easily export data, giving you the flexibility to work with it in the way that suits you best.
Break language barriers with our translation feature. Translate customer reviews into your preferred language, ensuring that you fully understand and respond to feedback from diverse customer groups.
Single Sign On
Simplify access to our platform with Single Sign On. Connect your existing authentication system to our software, making it easier for your team to log in and access the gominga Review Manager.
Organize and categorize reviews with our tagging feature. Use tags to label reviews based on different criteria or themes, helping you to analyze and manage your reviews more effectively.
Narrow down your review data with our filtering options. Filter reviews based on ratings, keywords, or other specified criteria, allowing you to focus on the feedback that matters most to your business.
Rights & roles
Control user access and permissions with our rights and roles management. Assign specific roles to different team members, ensuring that they have appropriate access levels to perform their review management tasks.


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