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App Store Review Management

Our mobile app review management software allows you to monitor, analyze and comment on mobile app ratings, reviews and Q&A on Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore.

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Main Benefits

Increase sales. Boost your reputation. Improve your product and service offering. Enhance customer service. Understand your target audience. Never miss any complaint. Act upon feedback. Communicate with customers at the digital point of sale. Save time and money. Use our one-stop-shop for professional review management!


Work on your App Store Optimization (ASO). High ratings and positive reviews lead to more downloads.

Deep insights

Identify strengths & weaknesses of your app, understand root causes for complaints. Prioritizes bug fixes and new features accordingly.


Connect with users, address their concerns. Our customer-centric, omnichannel platform for immediate & in-depth responses.


Monitoring, alerting, analysis and engagement for your mobile app ratings and reviews. Manage all your app stores in one tool.

The gominga app review management software

Our SaaS tool enables you to take the next step in your consumer intelligence journey, as reviews are essential. Ask users to rate and review your product or service. Collect all ratings in the apps and gain valuable insights. Our powerful mobile app review management solution allows you to track key metrics such as overall rating, sentiment analysis, and review volume over time.

You can also set up custom alerts to notify you of any significant changes in your app store ratings and reviews, enabling you to take immediate action to address any issues. Engage with your customers, reply to reviews directly, and turn review insights into action. At scale.

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The systematic evaluation of the reviews brought product management and marketing closer to the customers.

Marcus NesslerHead of Customer Experience - Samsung Electronics GmbH

Our mobile app review platform coverage

For mobile app review management, we cover all major global mobile app stores, like the Apple App Store, Amazon and Google Play Store. We can help you manage your mobile app ratings, user reviews, and Q&A globally!

Our team is experienced in monitoring and responding to reviews across various App Stores. With our mobile app store review management services, you can track your ratings and gain valuable insights into user sentiment, identify areas for improvement, and engage with your app users to provide exceptional customer support. We can help you track and analyze your app’s reviews and ratings, and respond to customer inquiries and feedback in multiple languages and regions.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Amazon Appstore

App Boost

Boost your mobile app’s discoverability, stimulate downloads, and build good relationships with people who use your app.


Use our one-stop-shop to manage every aspect of your mobile app ratings & reviews from all app stores. Listen to feedback and engage with users without any redirection to app stores.

Automated processes

Automate your review management process. Integrate with your existing worksflows. Enhance collaboration between marketing and product development teams.

Sentiment analysis

Analyze user feedback with our sentiment analysis. Utilize our tagging function and email alerts to concentrate on what matters. Identify problems before they become business-critical. Provide your product teams with deep insights.

Other functions

Pay attention to app review volumes, rating changes, market sentiment, highlight bugs, CX KPIs such as CSAT, and many more.

Important facts on mobile app ratings & reviews

“77% of respondents read at least one review before downloading a free app.”

Apptentive’s consumer survey

“Conversion rate increases by 90% when the rating of an app is increased from three stars to four stars.”

Apptentive’s consumer survey

“90% of respondents say that they consider app ratings and reviews every time they are looking for a new app.”

Apptentive’s consumer survey

Google best practices for mobile app review management

  • Ask for ratings and reviews of your app, product, or service. Ask for a written review to better understand what they like or dislike, so you comprehend what your users think about your app.
  • View ratings and reviews and Reply to them. Show consumers that you value their feedback. Interact especially with those who leave negative reviews.
  • Analyze customer ratings and reviews, as well as the reviews on the app store. Drill down by device, app version, etc. Make sure to learn from feedback and share the information with your product development team. Prioritize fixes and features accordingly.

Source: Google

Mobile app review management as a success factor

People rely on ratings and reviews as social proof that they are downloading a high-quality app. If an app gets higher ratings, compared to a similar one, people will decide for this one. When managing app reviews, it is key to respond to both positive and negative feedback. Responding to negative reviews shows that the developer cares about their users and is actively working to address any issues. The star ratings and the number of ratings are critical metrics for users and it influences the app store’s algorithm. This is why mobile app review management is so important.

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