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Consumer Insights

Know what your customers think, say, and do. Turn feedback of your brand, product or service into rapid marketing, product, and sales innovation.



Track key performance indicators (KPIs), see valuable, clear, relatable, and up-to-date information that helps you make critical business decisions.


Understand the trends that drive your business. See how feedback changes over time. Identify patterns. Understand how seasonal or marketing activities affect reviews.

Email alerting

Stay on top of vital information and emergencies about your business. Never miss any feedback. Especially when launching new products or opening new stores.

Data export

Export rating, review and question data to compare and synthesize it with marketing, sales or financial data. Create reports for your team or management presentations.

Sentiment analysis

Natural language processing (NLP) identifies the emotional tone behind a review text and allows you to determine and categorize opinions about your product or service. Identify root causes for complaints!

Competitor analysis

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. Evaluate how well your business and its products or services are performing. Understand consumer needs.

The gominga Review Manager – review analytics made easy!

Our Dashboard

See most relevant KPIs at a glance to drive your business. Review volumes, star ratings, and many other metrics such as CSAT score. For all product, mobile app, location or shop and company review platforms. Configurable widgets as well as various quick filters allow you to concentrate on what’s important for you.

Review List

The Product Review List gives you all individual reviews since product launch. We provide all available data points such as helpful, verified purchase or incentivized or syndicated review. Use various filter options for platforms, brands, categories, star rating etc. to find the information that you need.


See trends, detect anomalies. With our review volume, question volume and star rating charts you can easily see what’s going on. Filter by platform, star rating, time frame etc.. You can also export the charts as PNG, JEPG, or PDF.

Sentiment Overview

The review sentiment overview illustrates the major keywords that the artificial intelligence detected within all review texts. At a glance, you can identify areas for improvement and share that information with your quality or product development teams and take rapid action.

Sentiment analysis

Identify root causes for complaints. Our aspect-based sentiment analysis enables you to detect weak points of your business and benchmark it across platforms and competitor data. Consumer insights at its best.

Email alerts

Never miss a negative review or a new question. Configure email alerts to your needs. By platform, star rating etc. or even individual keywords. Send alerts to multiple individuals or groups. The email then contains the deeplink to the individual reviews or questions.

See the gominga Review Manager in action and learn how your company can benefit from it!

Review management insights at its best

By tracking review data, we have initiated a lot internally. Our product management has a great interest in learning how their products perform. For quality assurance, it is very exciting to learn what our customers say in terms of handling, volume or weight. But review management is also important when it comes to planning new products.

Marc Rottmann - Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KGSenior Specialist Market Research International, Corporate Marketing & Brand Management

Read your reviews daily!

In an exclusive interview, founder and CEO of Wiesemann 1893, Manuel Siskowski explains why looking at customer reviews is his daily routine and why he believes this feedback is more valuable than traditional market research.

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Reinvent product development

This academic research paper finds that analyzing online reviews can complement if not replace traditional market research. Big data and artificial intelligence allow to identify customer needs when analyzing reviews – cheaper and faster than conducting research interviews and focus groups.

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Please get in touch with us too see the functionality of our review management tool and fill out the form to receive the best information for your use case.


    “We wanted more customer engagement and gominga came into my focus because the tool includes text mining and sentiment analysis. ”

    Marcus Rottmann - Senior Specialist Market Research International

    Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG

    “Review management is no longer an avant-garde topic for us but a customer service channel to be taken seriously.”

    Marcus Nessler - Head of Customer Experience

    Samsung Electronics GmbH

    “gominga saves us time by feeding the UGC data into our CRM system, where we can respond to those customers and analyze our UGC data.”

    Alex Hooper - Senior Brand Marketing Manager

    Techtronic Industries Power Equipment (TTIPE)

    "gominga enables us to evaluate customer reviews in a time- and resource-saving manner and to use direct consumer feedback for product development, marketing and optimization of our content."

    Christian Michel - Head of Marketing & Performance

    Zapf Creation AG