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The Value of User Generated Video Content (UGVC)

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user generated video content

User-generated video content (UGVC) is a must-have of every social media strategy nowadays. As recently proven by Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri, who announced the social networks new strategy through a self-made video on his own Instagram profile. Parent company Facebook wants to embrace video more broadly and plans to focus on entertaining video content to counter their competitors TikTok and YouTube.

So, what is all this fuzz about UGVC about? And why should companies and brands take notice?

Definition of user generated video content

UGVC is combining the best of 2 worlds, User-Generated Content (UGC) and self-made Videos.

  • since social media has taken over the Internet UGC has turned into the king of content. 92% of consumers trust UGC more than marketing content (Hypeaudior 2021) hence millions of people are both creating and consuming UGC every day. Smartly integrated into marketing strategies UGC allows brands to show the consumer’s or influencer’s perspective regarding when and how to use a certain product or service in an authentic, relatable, and credible way – making it a valuable asset for marketing.
  • Short form Video content, on the other hand continuous to rise in popularity compared to other content types. 81% of users prefer video to photo content (Renderforest 2020), which is the main reason for the meteoric rise of short-video app tiktok. Cisco even estimates that 82% of all created content will be video by the year 2022 (FIPP: The Network for Global Media 2020.

Five reasons to stimulate user generated video content in Marketing

1. User generated video content is relevant

A Video is one of the most relevant content types on social and the pandemic with multiple lockdowns has reinforced this phenomenon even more. Consumers not only seek entertainment, but also information and education via video content. 96% people watch recordings to understand products or services (Redforest 2020). This in turn drives platforms like TikTok to adopt features like the 3-minute video format instead of the classic 15 seconds one.

video is capturing a lot of attention with global audiences and is a key driver of user growth and time spend on site for all major social networks. Hence, integrating UGVC is essential for marketers to improve their online visibility, engage with prospective clients and become part of consumers’ conversations.

2. User generated video content is easily shareable

Sharing is caring! Consumers love to share user generated video content, it’s easy, well-digestible and fun to share. In general, videos on social media get 12 times more shares than any other type of content. In addition, 92% of the users share videos they like with others (Trend 2021). Hence, when getting it right, brands have good chances to go viral with a video created by one of their brand lovers.

UGVC could be considered the new digital form of word-of-mouth marketing, with consumers explaining to other consumers why and how they should use a product or service. marketing teams trying to capture this trend should hence make it as easy as possible for consumers to share UGVC from the brand website or ecommerce shop to their own social media accounts.

3. People trust people not logos

Brand content is often perceived as advertising which in turn is exaggerated and not trustworthy. Especially younger generations avoid traditional advertising and distrust traditional media outlets. User generated video content on the other hand is content created by a fellow consumer for their friends and online followers, hence it is up to 3 times more engaging than professional marketing videos (Seenit 2021).

On top, it is entertaining, informative, and thus, can help brands to convert prospects into customers, especially since video content can reach people in a more emotional way than just still photos or articles. We get a sneak peek into people’s life and daily habits, which deepens the connection to the audience.

4. Authentic content at minimal costs

Hiring advertising agencies to create professional advertising videos for brands is time-consuming and expensive. And while some marketers have cherished the chance to spend a week on an exotic film location, for most teams advertising creation is a cumbersome, inflexible process with uncertain outcome. the covid19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have brought global advertising content production to a stillstand with marketing teams scrambling to create up-to date content (Forbes 2020).

UGVC on the other hand is a significantly easier, cheaper, faster, and more agile way to source relevant, current marketing content. As the mobile phone is our everyday companion, everyone can create video content at any time. To create an ongoing stream of UGVC, brands should engage with consumers through e.g., social media contests, influencer marketing campaigns, or hashtag challenges. For high quality video production brands should engage with professional independent content creators (such as micro or macro influencer).

5. User generated video content can be used across channels

Consumers and Influencers capture moments in a way that professionally produced videos never can. That’s the reason why so many people follow other people and content creators on social media. The possibility to showcase creativity & authenticity is infinite. People create content from their homes, employees from their workplaces and athletes from their latest marathon.

Depending on the brand and the story, user generated video content can be set up and used in different ways to reach your audience. Either on the brands own social profiles, on the brand website or maybe as a testimonial in the next newsletter. It is this kind of content that is not produced by a marketing team but comes from like-minded people: the consumer.

Summary & Conclusion

In short, user generated video content has become a mandatory marketing tool – especially for brands that depend on user education, social proof, or creativity to address their target group. With consumer and influencer activations, the two greatest sources of authentic productions, brands can give their conversations a human touch: For a few seconds, 3 minutes or in movie-length. With consumers becoming the world’s greatest content creators – user generated video content must be part of every marketer’s strategy.

About the author

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