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Trustpilot Review Management with the gominga software

Master your reputation on Trustpilot with the gominga review manager. Monitor, analyze, and engage with any customer feedback on Trustpilot to improve your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. Manage reviews on your Trustpilot profile regardless of your business type. Benchmark your performance against other businesses and competitors to stay ahead in the market.

Experience the power of our all-in-one review management solution for Trustpilot

Monitor, receive alerts, analyze, and interact with reviews and questions on Trustpilot and many other review platforms — all within a single, comprehensive tool.

With the gominga review manager you can gain valuable customer insights and stay updated on your Trustpilot presence and your competitors’. Enhance your online-reputation by monitoring new ratings and reviews, and understanding customer perceptions of your products and services. Identify strengths and weaknesses in your offerings. Share insights internally with your marketing, product management, or sales teams to ito enhance the experience and satisfaction of your customers over time. Whether positive reviews or negative feedback, both are valuable for your business. Manage your reviews globally with a single, easy-to-use tool. The gominga Review Manager is designed to monitor, analyze, and manage your product ratings, reviews, and questions.

Key Benefits of our Review Management Software for Trustpilot

Our software allows you to collect valuable feedback from Trustpilot users, offering real-time insights into your brand’s perception and competitive environment. Improve your Trustpilot Business profile by replying promptly to new reviews and understanding your audience’s feelings. Whether it’s positive feedback or constructive critique, each review presents an opportunity to enhance your business. Easily oversee your reviews on a global scale using our adaptable tool created to simplify the management of your reviews.

In-depth Insights

Identify strengths and weaknesses of your products and services, understand the reasons behind customer complaints and negative feedback. Our thorough analysis empowers you to better engage with your on Trustpilot customer base and stay ahead of competitors.

Early Warning Signals

Receive early warnings about potential issues or trends, allowing you to take proactive measures and to stay ahead on the market. Our review tool gives you a competitive edge through insightful analysis of Trustpilot reviews.

Enhanced engagement

Engage directly with reviewers, showing them that you value their feedback and are committed to provide excellent customer service. Our customer-centric omnichannel platform enables immediate and detailed responses to Trustpilot reviews and inquiries.

Integrated Approach

Monitoring, alerting, analysis and engagement – everything possible with one single tool. Manage your Trustpilot reviews alongside other review platforms with our seamless and comprehensive solution.


"gominga is the ideal service provider for retailers and sellers who strive for better interaction with their customers."

Frank Sander - Head of Marketing Information System Products



“With the gominga solution we are present where our clients communicate with each other. We are able to react to all reviews and questions on Amazon from one single application, with a single log-in.”

Markus Kräutle - Head of Customer Service

GARDENA Manufacturing GmbH


“We use gominga for monitoring and evaluating the content of incoming reviews and questions. We use the information from our customers’ criticism to improve sales / CRM.”

Thomas Reithner - Teamlead Content Customer Support

Garmin Deutschland GmbH

See the gominga Review Manager in action and learn how your campany can benefit from it!

Consumer Insights on Trustpilot

Unlock the secrets of consumer behavior effortlessly! With our state of the art tool you can dive deep into customer insights and uncover the root causes behind negative reviews. We empower you and your teams to gather and analyze customer feedback efficiently and systematically.

  • Monitoring, Alerting & Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis

Harness the power of sentiment analysis and competitor analysis to stay ahead of the curve. Monitor and enhance every facet of the customer journey, from start to finish, across all digital touchpoints. Identify areas for improvement, bridge experience gaps, and take decisive action to maximize customer satisfaction and foster long-term loyalty. Find out more here.

Customer Engagement on Trustpilot

Build real connections with your customers by actively engaging with reviews and ratings and addressing their concerns by answering questions. Our review manager empowers you to demonstrate exceptional service and value customer feedback. Show your customers you care with prompt and comprehensive responses.

  • Ticket management system
  • Templates & textblocks
  • Ticket status, tracking & reporting

Keep track of ticket statuses, monitor progress, and generate insightful reports. Foster strong customer relationships by commenting on reviews and responding to inquiries, all at scale and across multiple digital channels – even in sync with Bazaarvoice. Our centralized hub enables seamless tracking of customer interactions across all platforms. Monitor ticket traffic and gauge customer satisfaction levels to elevate your customer service standards. Find out more here.

How Trustpilot is different from other review channels and what to watch out for


TrustPilot is known for its transparency, allowing both businesses and customers to openly share and view reviews, creating a more trustworthy environment.

Verified Reviews:

TrustPilot verifies reviews before they are being published, to ensure they are genuine and users can trust on their authenticity.


TrustPilot uses a TrustScore to indicate the trustworthiness of a business, based on various factors such as the number  and recency of reviews. Negative reviews can impact a business’s TrustScore, so it’s important to address any issues promptly and professionally.

International Reach:

TrustPilot has a global reach, making it a valuable platform for businesses looking to expand their client base internationally.

User generated content dominates the purchasing behavior

“Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase.”

Spiegel Research Center / Northwestern University Chicago

Higher ratings equal higher sales. Small changes in star ratings can drive explosive sales growth for products – anywhere up to 200% depending on the category.”


94% of consumers expect a brand to answer their questions and respond to their negative posts.”

Territory Influence / Bertelsmann Group, 2020

Discover More Platforms like with the gominga Review Manager

Trustpilot is just one piece of the vast array of platforms that are supported by the gominga Review Manager. From Amazon to eBay, and beyond, our Saas tool offers comprehensive solutions for managing reviews and customer feedback across all relevant online platforms.

Explore our Review Manager here to learn more about how we can help you navigate the world of online reviews and customer engagement across platforms and marketplaces. Whether you represent your business on Trustpilot, Amazon, or any other major platform, we as gominga provide the tools and insights you need to succeed in today’s digital world.

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Are you a showcasing your business on Trustpilot and receiving customer reviews there?  Is it complicated for you not to lose sight of these reviews and customer questions, to monitor and analyse them and also to answer reviews? Then get in touch with us, because this is our daily business! We can help you to take control of your TrustPilot reviews in a simple and scalable way!

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