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Discover Munich’s best museums with the gominga review manager

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munichs best museums (EN)

Our beautiful state capital of Munich is home to a variety of museums, ranging from historical collections to modern art, offering visitors deep insights into the city’s diverse culture and history. Specializing in review management, our Review Manager enables companies to use customer feedback effectively across all online platforms and improve their products by analyzing online reviews. In this article, we have used our review software to identify the most popular museums in Munich based on reviews and feedback from the past year.

Discover museums in Munich: The survey method & approach

The foundation for determining the most popular museums in Munich is a detailed analysis of visitor reviews submitted via Google. The following steps were taken to ensure a informative and up-to-date assessment of the museum landscape:

Selection criteria – minimum number of reviews:

The analysis only includes museums that received at least 50 reviews in the past year. This criteria ensures that the selected institutions have a broad response from visitors and a relevant database for evaluation.

Time Frame of Reviews:

Reviews submitted within the last twelve months were considered. This time limit guarantees that the analysis reflects current visitor experiences and opinions, providing reliable guidance for potential museum visitors.

Analysis Method:

Reviews were evaluated both quantitatively (average rating points) and qualitatively (contents of the reviews). Special attention was paid to aspects such as the diversity and quality of exhibitions, the overall visitor experience, and specific mentions of exhibits or special events

Consideration of Qualitative Feedback:

In addition to the rating points, text reviews were analyzed to gain a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each museum. This approach allows for a comprehensive picture of visitor satisfaction to be drawn and for specific highlights or areas for improvement of the museums to be identified.

Top museums in munich – The comparison:

The favorite museum among Munich residents:

The Sudeten German Museum in Munich was highly praised in their Google reviews last year. With an impressive collection that covers the history of the Sudeten Germans, the museum offers a fascinating and moving experience. Visitors praise the informative design of the exhibitions and the dedicated support from the museum staff.

Selection of reviews:

“Competent and exceptionally friendly staff at reception. The museum is located in a modern new building and takes visitors on a journey through time in the region with a focus on the German Empire up to the present day, well done, interesting, varied and with a special exhibition. It wasn’t the last time I was there.”


According to Google reviews it seems that the MUCA Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art got a mixed response last year. While some visitors praised the diversity and innovation of contemporary artworks, others expressed critical opinions about the quality of the exhibitions and the presentation of the artworks. Some reviews expressed disappointment about the expectations, while others highlighted aspects such as the museum’s location and service positively. Despite these mixed reviews, the MUCA Museum remains an important cultural institution in Munich, enriching the city’s modern art scene and providing space for discussion and reflection.

Selection of reviews:

“Went to the Damien Hirst exhibition today, three rooms as an exhibition for €12 is too expensive. Everyone should decide for themselves whether they consider cigarette butts or dead animal parts, among other things, to be art.”

MUCA Museum münchen munich

1. The Sudeten German Museum

The Sudeten German Museum in Munich tells the story and culture of the Sudeten Germans, from their original homeland in Sudetenland to their integration into Germany. It provides insights into their traditions and way of life, as well as the 20th-century events that shaped their history. Tip: On Sundays, you can visit the museum for €1.

2. Munich NS-Documentation Center

The Munich NS-Documentation Center, located in the former NSDAP headquarters, illuminates the history of National Socialism in Munich. With exhibitions and educational materials, it informs visitors about the dark chapters of the past and encourages reflection. Tip: Admission to the center is free, and there are informative tours.

3. FC Bayern Museum

The FC Bayern Museum in Munich is an interactive museum that presents the history and successes of FC Bayern Munich. Visitors can experience trophies, historical jerseys, and multimedia exhibitions that bring the club’s heritage to life.

Selection of reviews:

“Every football fan should have seen it, whether they are a Bayern fan or not. It reflects the history of the club from its foundation to the present day. Right in the stadium halfway up.”

4. BMW World

BMW World in Munich offers a unique experience around the vehicle brands of the BMW Group. Visitors can discover the latest models, experience interactive exhibitions, and gain insights into the future of mobility.

5. State Museum of Egyptian Art

The State Museum of Egyptian Art showcases an impressive collection of ancient Egyptian art and artifacts. Visitors can admire rare objects from various epochs of Egyptian history and gain a fascinating insight into the culture and way of life of ancient Egypt. Tip: On Sundays, you can visit the museum for €1.

Selection of reviews:

“Very beautiful figures, extraordinarily interesting Egyptian art, really incredible. I can definitely recommend it!”

6. Residence Museum

The Residence Museum in Munich showcases art and history in the former royal residence. Visitors can experience magnificent rooms, artworks, and furniture from various epochs of Bavarian history.

7. Glyptothek

The Glyptothek in Munich features an impressive collection of ancient sculptures, including Greek and Roman masterpieces such as the Barberini Faun and the Medusa Rondanini. Tip: On Sundays, you can visit the museum for €1.

8. BMW Museum

The BMW Museum in Munich showcases the history and innovations of the BMW Group. Visitors can explore historical and modern BMW models and gain insights into the future of mobility.

9. Center of Transportation

The Verkehrszentrum in Munich showcases the history and future of mobility with various modes of transportation. It offers interactive exhibitions and insights into future technologies.

Selection of reviews:

“I was here with my family for the first time today, very interesting and beautifully presented exhibits. The vehicles are lovingly presented and there’s a lot on offer. I can highly recommend the museum.”

10. Lenbachhaus

The Lenbachhaus in Munich presents the significant collection of the “Blue Riders” art movement. It houses works by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc and is a central cultural center of the city. Tip: Every first Thursday of the month, free admission from 6-10 p.m. allows for pure art enjoyment.

Pinakothek der moderne museum münchen

Special Museums and Current Exhibitions: Experience more for less!

Special museums in Munich not only attract visitors with fascinating exhibitions and collections but also a because of their variety of special offers that make the visit an unforgettable experience. Here are some highlights:

1. Alte Pinakothek, Pinakothek der Moderne und Sammlung Schack:

These renowned art galleries house an impressive collection of works of art from different eras and styles. From the Renaissance to contemporary art, they offer a fascinating insight into the world of painting and sculpture. Tip: On Sundays, visitors can experience these outstanding collections for just €1 and be inspired by masterpieces.

2. Museum of Man and Nature:

The Museum Man and Nature invites visitors to discover the fascinating diversity of nature. With interactive exhibitions and informative exhibits, the history of mankind and the development of life on earth is vividly presented. Tip: On Sundays, visitors can explore natural history for just €1, while school classes are always admitted free of charge.

3. Bavarian National Museum:

As one of the leading museums for art and culture in Bavaria, the Bavarian National Museum presents a diverse collection of works of art, historical artifacts and cultural treasures. Visitors gain a unique insight into Bavaria’s rich history and culture. Tip: On Sundays, multilingual guided tours offer a fascinating insight into the history of Bavaria for just €1, while school classes receive free admission.

4. House of Art:

The Haus der Kunst is an important exhibition venue for contemporary art in Europe. With changing exhibitions of contemporary artists from all over the world, it offers an exciting insight into current trends in the art scene. Every last Friday of the month, “Open House” attracts art lovers with free admission from 4-10 p.m.

5. Museum Fünf Kontinente:

The Museum Fünf Kontinente invites visitors on a fascinating journey through the different cultures and continents of our world. With an impressive collection of exhibits from all parts of the world, it offers a unique insight into the diversity and beauty of human culture. Tip: Experience the diversity of world cultures on Sundays for just €1 admission and discover the cultural treasures from all over the world.

6. Beer- and Oktoberfest Museum:

The Beer and Oktoberfest Museum offers visitors a fascinating insight into the history and traditions of Bavarian beer and the famous Oktoberfest. From the beginnings of beer brewing to the art of brewing today, visitors can experience the development of the Bavarian national drink. Tip: For groups of 6 or more, visitors can enjoy a beer tasting for just €3 per person and learn more about the Bavarian art of brewing.

7. Museum Brandhorst:

Museum Brandhorst is known for its outstanding collection of modern and contemporary art. With works by important artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, it offers an inspiring insight into the world of contemporary art. Tip: On Sundays, these art treasures open their doors for just €1 admission to introduce visitors to ancient and modern art.

8. Valentin Karlstadt Museum:

The Valentin Karlstadt Museum is dedicated to the legacy of the famous Bavarian comedian Karl Valentin and his partner Liesl Karlstadt. With a diverse collection of exhibits, photos and films, it offers a unique insight into the life and work of these legendary artists. Tip: Don’t miss the open guided tour every Saturday at 3 p.m. and discover the world of the famous comedian.

These special offers make a visit to Munich’s museums not only informative, but also affordable and entertaining.

Conclusion: The Best Museums in Munich

In addition to the opportunity to rediscover Munich, our analysis of Munich’s top museums shows the valuable insights that modern tools can provide into the customer experience. Using our review management tool, the gominga Review Manager, we were not only able to determine the popularity of the museums, but also gather valuable feedback and suggestions that can help the museums continually improve their offerings. Munich is undoubtedly a city rich in cultural treasures and we are proud to play our part in ensuring that visitors to the museums in this fascinating city have an unforgettable experience.

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