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gominga vs. 1440 – exploring key similarities & differences

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gominga vs 1440 review management

Review management involves monitoring, evaluating, and responding to user reviews online. A review management tool enables businesses to understand customer sentiments, address issues, and leverage positive feedback. Choosing the right tool is crucial for accurate insights, customization, and seamless integration with current systems, impacting a business’s ability to use customer input for success and growth.

The purpose of this article is to distinguish between two such tools – gominga’s review management tool- the review manager – and 1440’s reputation studio. Similarities and differences of the two will be discussed along with some background information to help differentiate the two of them.

Overview of gominga and 1440

gominga’s review management tool and 1440’s reputation studio have several shared  benefits that are the nature of review management itself, such as increasing sales and conversion rates, enhancing brand loyalty, streamlining operations and saving time, increasing customer lifetime value, improving product and service offerings, boosting customer support and engagement, and personalizing and tracking customer interactions.

Three separate companies merged to form 1440, which now offers four distinct focus areas; messaging studio, translation studio, reputation studio, and commerce studio. gominga has always placed a strong emphasis on ratings, reviews, and Q&A, which is why they are experts in this field. While only a quarter of 1440’s attention is focused on ratings and reviews, gominga gives these components its full attention.

You can monitor, manage, and analyze reviews using gominga’s review management tool and 1440’s Reputation Studio—all with a single login. They are also able to identify the true cause of a customer’s negative review of your brand or product. Both tools provide near real-time update frequencies. Additionally, both tools include comprehensive benchmarking against competitors, which enables you to determine how you stack up against your top competitors from the perspective of your clients.

Regardless of the size of your company, gominga’s tool is made to assist you in managing reviews and ratings across all platforms so you can gain a thorough understanding of your online reputation. Businesses can discover trends, patterns, as well as opportunities for development by utilizing the gominga review platform, which offers comprehensive insights into your customers opinions.

With 1440’s tool you may manage review responses by minimizing negative reviews, speeding up response times, obtaining a 100% review response rate, or optimizing responses for search engine optimization. In Salesforce Service Cloud, cases can also be created for inquiries, tagged keywords, and negative reviews.

When it comes to pricing, enterprise pricing options are available from both companies.

Online Review Management mit gominga

Comparison table

Factor of comparison gominga 1440
Customer Engagement
Product, Location, Webshop reviews
App reviews Both Apple App Store & Google Play Store Only Google Play Store
Review response
Question response
Bulk reply X
Translation X
Ticket status, tracking & reporting X
Consumer Insights
Sentiment analysis
Competitor analysis
Question analysis
Export review data
Review monitoring
Email alerting
Integration & Other
Integration with BI-Tools X
Integration with CRM-Tools & API X
Other Integrations API, Zendesk, Microsoft power BI Salesforce
Top references Bosch, Acer, HP, Kärcher, Samsung, Garmin, Gardena & LG. Kelloggs, Meta, Microsoft, P&G, Reckitt, Colgate & Estee Lauder.
Platform coverage All significant online platforms worldwide, e.g. Amazon, OTTO, Walmart, Google, Apple, Trustpilot, Ebay, Yelp, Trusted shops, Ekomi, Bazaarvoice, BestBuy, Costco, Home Depot, MediaMarkt, Saturn, Staples, Target etc. Google, Amazon, Ebay, Bazaarvoice, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Trustpilot.
Target clients Everything from small businesses to large corporations. All industries including automotive, consumer electronics, DIY, financial services, FMCG, home & living, retail, telco, toys, travel and many more Manufacturers & enterprise brands

Key similarities and differences of gominga and 1440

Platform support & translation

1440 and gominga offer product-, location-, mobile app- and webshop reviews. The only difference is that 1440 only offers Google Play Store reviews, whereas on top of that gominga also offers Apple App Store reviews. With gominga you can translate customer reviews into the language of your choice, making sure you comprehend and reply to reviews from a variety of customers. However, in order to obtain the same feature with 1440’s reputation studio, you would need to acquire their translation studio package. 

Integration with CRM-tools & API

As an official Salesforce partner, 1440 exclusively operates on Salesforce, apart from gominga who is open to technical partnerships and integrations, which is why they have their APIs integrated with several platforms, including Microsoft Power BI, Zendesk, as well as white label solutions. Salesforce is required in order to use 1440’s reputation studio. Therefore, this is a useful tool for businesses who currently use Salesforce; but, for smaller businesses with fewer resources, purchasing Salesforce to access reputation studio might not be ideal. In the unusual event that gominga does not currently have a particular platform, they will consider a customer’s request and integrate their preferred platform.

There are two main factors that contribute to gominga’s greater platform coverage. The commercial reason being the fact that gominga is a German-based company with a large clientele of international businesses. Thus, they have been prompted to add even more platforms in order to meet these demands of all of the international clients, where each region has its own retailers when it comes to product reviews, such as OTTO, Mediamarkt, BOL, O’Riley, Galaxus, CoolBlue, ManoMano, Cdiscount, Walgreens, Zalando, Mercado Libre and Rakuten. The technical reason is that gominga provides for platforms with and without API’s, which is one of their strong points. As 1440 is based in the US, they don’t necessarily need to add any more platforms to serve the US customer base once they’ve added Amazon, Bazaarvoice, and Ebay.

Review response

You can easily and efficiently manage and respond to your customer reviews within gominga’s tool, which will then automatically post the responses to the designated platforms. On the other hand, 1440’s Reputation Studio features a pop-up window that takes the user straight to Amazon’s website, where the action of responding will take place.

review management tools comparison

Sentiment Analysis & Teamwork

With the comprehensive tagging capability of both tools, you can rapidly identify important subjects by organizing and classifying reviews in order to filter through the clutter. Utilize tags to group reviews according to various standards or topics, which will make it easier for you to organize and assess them. This helps you keep a close eye on the tags’ sentiment. Both platforms also provide a feature for rights and roles to regulate user access and authorization, which can be helpful in improving teamwork. As your team works on reviews, you may assign specific roles and provide user permissions, ensuring that team members have the right amount of access to carry out their review management responsibilities.

Templates & bulk reply

In addition to the ability to set up pre-composed templates for prompt and reliable customer review responses with 1440, gominga also enables you to respond to several complaints simultaneously, saving you time.

Review monitoring & analysis

Due to the fact that it’s vital for users to analyze past reviews, both tools allow you to monitor changes and use historical data to understand how your reputation has changed over time. With the tools, you can examine these past reviews to identify long-term trends and patterns.

Conclusion: gominga review manager vs. 1440 reputation studio

In conclusion, gominga and 1440 offer similar tools but differ in crucial aspects. gominga excels in platform integration with a flexible strategy and global reach, catering to a diverse clientele. In contrast, 1440 is limited to Salesforce integration and primarily focuses on the US market. gominga also offers customer review translation services, while 1440 requires an additional subscription for this feature. Each tool has its own approach to managing reviews, with gominga automating responses and 1440 directing users to Amazon’s site. Both tools provide robust tagging and analysis capabilities. gominga emphasizes personal customer support, while 1440 offers a self-help approach. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your organization’s specific needs and objectives.

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