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gominga goes Worldwide: The best Christmas Markets 2023 based on visitor ratings

By 28. November 2023December 6th, 2023No Comments

We analysed google reviews from all around the world and could once and for all decide on the world’s best popular Christmas markets in 2023! You don’t have to take the word from us but from the data we analyzed with the gominga review manager.

After our Wiesn campaign received so much positive feedback and was even published in newspapers, we have now set our sights on Christmas markets from all over the world. From irresistible mulled wine and delicious food to the best atmosphere – we for sure have some insider tips for you.

What does a review management software company like gominga have to do with the best christmas markets in 2023?

We specialize in review management software. That means you can manage ratings, reviews and questions from all over the internet with gominga. Engage with your customer and turn review insights into action!

Because Christmas is coming up again we wanted to put our experience and software to good use by relying on reviews written on platforms such as Google and Yelp for Christmas markets from all over the world to show you how easy you can stay on top of reviews.

gominga goes Worldwide part 1: The best Christmas Markets 2023 based on Google and Yelp Reviews

gominga goes Worldwide part 2: The best Christmas Markets 2023 based on Google and Yelp Reviews

Would you like to be part of it? Then we would be pleased to provide you with our analysis free of charge.


We always love some constructive feedback and honest opinions. Just let us know and we’ll show you the data base that is backing this whole study, too. A small request in passing: Please let us know if you pass on or use our analysis and link our website. Also, if you’re interested in some other analyses shoot us a message at It doesn’t matter if the analysis is for your brand, company, product or an interesting topic.

You may not have a Christmas market, but you collect glowing customer reviews? We are happy to support you!

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