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More important than ever- recommendation marketing in digital form! „Reviews are the gold of the future“ and far surpass classical recommendation marketing. With gominga we were able to rise our rating average on google from 3,8 to 4,27.

Rafael BaerCDO (Interim) / Leder & Schuh AG

Rafael Baer

CDO (Interim) / Leder & Schuh AG

Who are you and what do you do?

The LEDER & SCHUH Group, as one of the largest shoe retailers in Europe operates more than 200 locations and achieved sales of around 374 million Euros in 2017. The brands are Humanic and Shoe4You.

Rafael Baer / CDO (Interim)/ Leder & Schuh AG

In which area do you rely on gominga?

For us, gominga in the sales/stores area is the support we need to manage our 200+ locations on googlemybusiness in terms of reviews, presence and customer service.

What was your situation in the company or what was your main problem and how was it solved using the gominga application?

We had no overview and therefore no control over the reviews and customer questions and comments on googlemybusiness. There was also no uniform appearance, the maintanance of the location data, e.g. correct photos, etc. Thanks to gominga we were able to rise our rating average on Google from 3,8 to 4,27.

Why did you choose gominga and its application (SaaS)?

After screening several providers, gominga convinced us with its solution, which is unique in the world to date. The simplicity of the tool, the flexibility and the speed of the team also confirmed the correctness of the decision afterwards.

How did the gominga application benefit you?

The gominga platform gives us, among other things, the ability to control reviews and communication on Google My Business with uniform text templates. This guarantees a uniform appearance and professional customer service. We have included the subject of reviews e.g. in our targets/ monthly KPI´s for our employees. Our district managers actively request reviews from their locations and can control and manage them with the help of gominga. The presence, the service, the assortment, etc. can thus be optimized and with it, the evaluation of their location.

What do you particularly appreciate working with gominga?

The partnership, but above all professional cooperation. Thinking for themselves, constant availability and fast response times.

Who would you recommend gominga and its solutions to and why?

All chain stores who want to have a complete overview of what is being said to their customers on google about the locations, staff, service, etc.
Reviews are the gold of the future and far surpass classical recommendation marketing.