Review management

gominga enables you to listen to your customers. Take your consumers’ feedback serious and know what people say about your products and your stores. Manage existing reviews, get valuable insights, and interact directly with end users. Strengthen your brand and improve sales.

Product reviews dominate along the customer journey

  • Step 1

    Product reviews influence search results

  • Step 2

    Ratings guide the customer to the individual product

  • Step 3

    Product reviews are read before the purchase decision is made

  • Step 4

    Reviews have an impact on conversion

  • Step 5

    Customers ask product questions

  • Step 6

    Users give product reviews

Product reviews

With our SaaS tool, the Review Manager, you can analyze product reviews and questions from a wide range of eBusiness platforms and respond to specific consumer comments directly from the tool.

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Store reviews

Google My Business is relevant to all businesses that offer their customers a local or regional service, as well as stationary stores and shops. We help you control your reviews on Google My Business: Increase your revenue by taking customer feedback seriously.

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of products with positive ratings reach an average increase in sales.

of the negative reviews may be influenced with e.g. improved product descriptions or product titles.

Active review management increases sales

Product reviews have a direct impact on conversion and sales (according to a study by BIG Social Media in cooperation with Bosch Siemens household appliances and the Chair for International Business Administration and E-Commerce of the HTW Aalen). Manufacturers can improve the tonality of the ratings with simple measures.


Hence, the direct, product-related customer feedback can and should be actively used by manufacturers.

Consumer-generated content dominates the digital purchasing behavior

The consumer is constantly online, whether at home, in the office or on the road. Buying decisions are being prepared more and more online, no matter where the shopping takes place at the end. This makes product reviews crucial for online as well as offline purchases. And this ultimately also determines the success and failure of a product.

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