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The missing service channel – ratings & questions on eBusiness platforms

By 1. September 2021December 7th, 2022No Comments

We are pleased to be part of the new ServiceToday issue with our article “The missing service channel”! The publisher KVD is Europe’s largest and most important professional association for experts and junior staff in service and publishes the magazine about management, organization and practice in service four times a year.

The origin for our contribution lies in the fact that even nowadays an important service channel is neglected within the omnichannel strategy. It is the reviews & questions on marketplaces, app stores, Google My Business and brand stores. Here, companies must strategically align themselves even closer to the customer in the future in order to further improve the customer experience on e-commerce platforms. This can be enabled primarily by answering questions and responding to reviews.

Grafik zum fehlenden Servicekanal

A small excerpt on “The missing service channel”:

The omnichannel strategy has been around for some time now in terms of commonly known service channels. But how can service be improved even further and where is still potential for optimization for companies? It’s simple! With the often neglected service channel of ratings, reviews and customer questions on:

  • Marketplaces
  • App stores
  • Google My Business
  • Brand Shops

In the future, companies will have to position themselves strategically even better at the digital point of sale in order to be able to offer even more effective service. Nowadays, potential customers gather extensive information before making a purchase decision. In most cases, reviews and questions on marketplaces such as Amazon or online stores are also consulted here.

Comprehensive customer care now also includes ensuring customer interaction by commenting on reviews and questions. COVID19 has had a major impact on customer shopping behavior as well, as the focus of the advisory function has shifted partly from brick-and-mortar retail to online marketplaces such as Amazon & Co.


You can read the full article either in the current ServiceToday issue 3/2021 or here with us.

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