Stars & Trust

Stars & Trust

collects data on product reviews from all eBusiness platforms relevant to the manufacturer on a daily basis. The quantitative ratings are aggregated to an average value of between 1.0 and 5.0 stars. This value can then be used in other channels by the manufacturer as a trust-forming element, e.g. its own webshop but also in print magazines.

Stars & Trust

creates a consolidated average value from existing ratings from different platforms. This can then be used, for example, by the manufacturer for his product in other channels such as :
  • webshop
  • print
  • newsletter
  • social media
  • POS

ecommerce retailer

market place / platform

rating systems

price portals

The challenge

  • Many large platforms and ecommerce players have enough traffic to generate product reviews, hence improving conversion and sales
  • Manufacturers and brands as well as small retailers do not have sufficient traffic to generate reviews on their own
  • The consequence: a small amount or no reviews at all lead to acceptance of manufacturer webshops

The solution

  • Rating syndication: Stars & Trust consolidates and calculates an average value of existing product ratings from several . platforms. This value can be used by the brand within its own channels, i.e. its webshop but also print catalogue etc.
  • This way the brand can use ratings to build trust and increase conversion