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Shift/CX – gominga in an Interview

By 23. December 2021December 12th, 2022No Comments
gominga at the Shift/CX

We are delighted to give another interview on Review Management for 360 Degree Customer Experience Excellence as part of the Shift/CX 2022 interview series.

Shift/CX 2022 – Paths to 360° Customer Experience Excellence

Shift/CX 2022 from March 07 – 11 is an event for all customer experience enthusiasts and offers an exclusive exchange of experiences at eye level around the developments in the customer experience era.

There are many ways to achieve 360° Customer Experience Excellence. These will be discussed with a variety of speakers & experts at Shift/CX 2022. 360° Customer Experience Excellence means having a comprehensive overview of your customers and constantly evolving to deliver real moments of experience.

Full interview (original is only available in german):

What means Customer Experience Excellence for you?

For us, customer experience excellence means a comprehensive presence along the entire customer journey. Both by means of the familiar channels such as e-mail, chat and telephone, but also directly on the digital platforms. Nowadays, more than ever, companies need to be present at every digital touchpoint and service channel in order to truly speak of an omnichannel strategy. This is now expected by the customer! So, in order to offer 360-degree service, brands must also serve their (potential) customers on online marketplaces, app stores, online stores and Google My Business.

Where do you see the biggest construction site preventing  excellence in customer experience?

We definitely see the biggest CX construction site in the neglect of effective review management. Reviews and questions, i.e. customer feedback on platforms, are not perceived as a service channel by many companies, as these touchpoints are still relatively new in the omnichannel landscape. However, this service channel is more relevant than ever! Not least because 1:N communication takes place here, but in addition the shift to digital POS has also increased in recent years! E-commerce is booming and consumers are constantly digital via their mobile devices and social media. So it’s clear to us that effective review management is the biggest building site for customer experience excellence!

What do you see as a useful lever for achieving more customer experience excellence quickly?

Active review management enables companies to better strategically position themselves at the digital point of sale in the future and thus provide a better customer experience. Potential customers today gather extensive information online before making a final purchase decision. It is essential to respond to reviews and questions on marketplaces. Analyzing and evaluating reviews quickly provides information about customer sentiment and reveals potential for brand improvement. Active review management thus makes it possible to detect and analyze customer behavior in real time and thus orchestrate a variety of optimized experience moments to customers.

What do you consider to be part of good #xcExcellence management?

As mentioned earlier, responding to reviews and questions in the form of customer service is essential to making customers feel noticed and well served. The analysis of reviews – i.e. customer feedback – helps companies to optimize their CX, to show strengths and weaknesses of products, services of their own brand as well as of competitors. Market Research 2.0! A multitude of customer insights creates the possibility of market research on a new level. I would even go so far as to claim that traditional market research can be replaced in this cost-effective way. The use of Big Data in AI-driven sentiment analysis thus makes it possible to easily evaluate customer feedback and must therefore be part of excellent customer experience!

In which areas do you see technology potential for more #cxExcellence?

The use of review management software enables efficient customer experience management. Not only areas such as product development, sales and marketing benefit from this. Customer service and support also benefit from the centralized management and processing of customer reviews and questions on all online platforms. The USP of our gominga review manager is the mapping of a multitude of platforms, review types AS WELL as the direct interaction with the customer! This makes Customer Experience Excellence easy.

The original interview with gominga and the Shift/CX is now available here.

Read the full interview

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