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Syndicated Reviews – how our tool maps them in your reports!

By 10. June 2020December 7th, 2022No Comments

More and more brands are taking advantage of review syndication.

Reviews are exchanged between platforms in order to present user-generated reviews in as many different shops or marketplaces as possible. More and more brands are also using the opportunity to transfer their own reviews from their shop to “third-party” platforms. These “duplicated” reviews are called “review syndication” on third-party platforms, so not on the original platform.

That is why we have also developed our technology further to show syndicated reviews in the evaluations accordingly.

We offer the possibility of a more precise analysis: Now reviews can be distinguished; is it a review from the original platform or a “duplicated or syndicated review”. Thus, we map evaluations or analyzes, different options and the filtering of the average rating with or without syndivcation reviews.

You want to know how. Just contact us!

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