Manage Google My Business reviews easily

  • Consumer Interaction: Monitor your Google My Business reviews
  • Worldwide coverage: For multiple locations in different countries just a tool and a login
  • Hourly update: You won't overlook ratings and are always up to date
  • E-Mail-Alerts: For bad reviews - you will always be notified immediately
  • Time savings: Time savings through response templates and text modules
  • One-stop-shop: Integration of all ratings from other platforms, e.g. GooglePlayStore, Amazon, TrustedShops



  • Google is the most used search engine in Germany with a market share of more than 90%.

  • More than half of all searches on Google have a local reference.

  • Today Google primarily provides users with answers from its own Google My Business directory instead of links to websites.

  • This provides customers with relevant information such as opening hours, phone numbers, the address of a company or store, without having to visit their website.

  • Google My Business also rates your business directly and often on-site to your business.




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