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The gominga Review Manager

go1 “Analysis & Alerting” & go2 “Interaction” – screenshots

A product tailored to your needs

The two modules go1 “Analysis & Alerting” and go2 “Interaction” can be tailored exactly to your needs. You determine which and how many items are managed on which eBusiness platforms as well as the frequency of the updates. Whether you are starting with a small selection of strategically important products on one platform, or monitor a wide range of products across countries, the gominga Review Manager allows you every setup.

FAQs for the Review Manager

go1 is our product “Analysis & Alerting”. This allows you to monitor any number of items from different eBusiness portals. In addition analysis and monitoring features, you can also configure your own email alerts.

go2 goes beyond the “Analysis & Alerting” function and enables direct interaction with the end customer. You can answer individual product reviews or questions from the gominga tool. These answers are published directly on the respective eBusiness platform. That means it does not open a new window to formulate the answer on the target platform, but you remain in the gominga Review Manager.

go2 is similar to a ticket or issue management system. By default, each question and all negative ratings with 1, 2 or 3 stars are converted to a ticket. These individual tickets can then be edited internally before publishing a comment externally. We provide a workflow-supporting tool for this purpose. Different roles can be set up for different team members, a templates make daily work efficient and the system historizes all entries.

No, go2 always includes go1.

With the gominga Review Manager you can theoretically manage all eBusiness platforms. We support all Amazon countries as well as Trusted Shops, Bazaarvoice and Google Play Store but also local and industry specific marketplaces like Otto, Conrad, Notebooksbilliger, Obi or Zalando. We are continuously extending our services to include new platforms and are happy to work with our customers to add more platforms. Please contact us for your specific inquiry.

However, when using go1 and go2, you must check the functionality of each platform. For example, there are platforms that do not have question-related functions, others do not allow to comment on reviews or to answer questions.

Yes, this is possible at any time. Please contact us with your specific inquiry.

No. Depending on what you – our customer – want, we can update the data in regular cycles in our tool. This does not happen in real-time, but can happen from once a week up to 12 times a day.