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"Thanks to the simple interface and the cross-platform connection offered by the gominga SaaS solution, we are quickly able to respond to problem cases and open questions and to help buyers quickly and unbureaucratically."

Case Study


Simon Wiedemann

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager - TREKSTOR GmbH

Who are you and what do you do (company/company/position)?

TREKSTOR is a manufacturer of entertainment electronics such as notebooks, tablets, hard disks and MP3 players based in Bensheim, Germany.

In which area do you rely on gominga?

With gominga, we are able to quickly and easily monitor our customers’ experiences with the devices and respond to open questions.

What was your situation in the company or what was your main problem and how was it solved using the gominga application?

Due to the large number of different SKUs, we were not able to monitor every item across platforms. This is where gominga helps us. In particular, through alerts to poor ratings, we were able to proactively approach customers with problem cases and improve the customer experience.

Why did you choose gominga and its application (SaaS solution)?

A German company, cross-platform integration and a simple interface were the main arguments for gominga.

How did the gominga application benefit you?

Especially in the case of new devices, evaluations help to detect problems at an early stage that were not recognizable in the laboratory environment. Therefore gominga helps us on the one hand to solve such problems quickly and on the other hand to help buyers quickly and unbureaucratically.

What do you particularly appreciate about working with gominga?

The great flexibility and the time aspect for the adaptation of our article list.

Who would you recommend gominga and its solutions to and why?

Anyone who is interested in the opinion of their customers.