Cooperation based on partnership
With gominga, we have a reliable partner who, with good technology and a functioning service, enables us to get an overview of reviews, questions and topics about our products offered on Amazon in Europe and to react at short notice if required.

Case Study


Marco Braun

Manager Retail Operations, Shure Distribution GmbH

Who are you and what do you do (company/company/position)?

Shure is an audio technology company whose products appeal to professional musicians, hobby musicians and other audiophile people. Our portfolio ranges from microphones like the legendary SM58 to headphones and in-ear speakers (SRH1540 and SE846) to wireless and conference systems.

In which area do you rely on gominga?

We work together with gominga regarding our business activities on Amazon – so the focus is on consumer-oriented products like headphones, in-ears and our MOTIV product line.

What was your situation in the company or what was your main problem and how was it solved using the gominga application?

We hadn’t been working on Amazon long and certain areas of customer interaction were simply alien to us. Our goal was to get a better and up-to-date overview of reviews, questions and topics about our products offered on Amazon in Europe and to be able to react quickly to end customer comments.

Why did you choose gominga and its application (SaaS solution)?

After reviewing individual vendors, gominga was the partner with the best options for our intentions. The personal contact did the rest.

How did the gominga application benefit you?

The gominga platform helped us to interact better with the active customers on Amazon, to respond better to reviews and questions and to operate more active customer and partly complaint management.

What do you particularly appreciate about working with gominga?

The uncomplicated, pragmatic and functioning partnership and technology in the background.

Who would you recommend gominga and its solutions to and why?

It’s hard to assess, because Amazon is a very individual experience despite all the similarity of the topics. If you are taking your first steps in this area of online trading, want to actively deal with reviews, questions and topics about the products on offer and are able to do so on the basis of capacity, you have a good, reliable partner in gominga, whose services work and add value when used correctly.