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gominga is the ideal service provider for manufacturers and sellers who are looking for better interaction with their customers.
We also value Gominga's flexibility and quality.

Andreas UrbachHead of Marketing Home Entertainment / LG ELECTRONICS Deutschland GmbH

Andreas Urbach

Head of Marketing Home Entertainment, LG ELECTRONICS Deutschland GmbH

Who are you and what do you do (company/company/position)?

Home Entertainment We are the product marketing department of LG’s Home Entertainment department. 
We take care of the communication of the product features of all TVs as well as audio and video products in digital and print.

In which area do you rely on gominga?

We rely on gominga in the area of “Customer Care”. 
The perception of customer wishes, the processing of customer feedback and the interaction with the customer is a central aspect of modern product communication. gominga is our premium access to our customers, their wishes and their feedback on Amazon, OTTO, Mediamarkt.de and Saturn.de.

What was your situation in the company or what was your main problem and how was it solved using the gominga application?

In the past, communication was usually a one-way street. It was particularly labor-intensive to quickly eliminate customer errors and ambiguities.
This disturbed the transparent product communication and caused frustration and misunderstandings on the part of the customers and on our part.

Why did you choose gominga and its application (SaaS solution)?

gominga is able to mirror the contents of online platforms without having to invasively enter the system. Complicated interventions are thus avoided.
The mirrored information can be easily viewed and, through the software interface, exported just as easily.

How did the gominga application benefit you?

Our goal is to provide our product information to our customers in the best possible way.
The product descriptions on the dealer pages are no longer sufficient. Customers have further questions and deserve further answers.
Our cooperation with gominga therefore not only promotes customer satisfaction, but also opens up further channels for us to communicate product information.

What do you particularly appreciate about working with gominga?

We especially appreciate the flexibility and quality at Gominga. 
Changes in our approach are integrated just as quickly as changes in the dealer pages.

Who would you recommend gominga and its solutions to and why?

gominga is the ideal service provider for manufacturers and sellers looking for better interaction with their customers.