Transparency and market overview
gominga is leading with its SaaS solution - a clear analysis, transparency and reporting make it our suitable partner.

Case Study


Frauke Noeth

Head of Retails DACH, Kapersky Lab

Who are you and what do you do (company/company/position)?

Our company: leading producer of antivirus software, my position: Head of Retail D-A-CH

In which area do you rely on gominga?

gominga ensures customer satisfaction for us on our partner platforms. Customer reviews and answers to open questions are an important element to signal to our customers that their opinions are important to us and that we take them seriously.

What was your situation in the company or what was your main problem and how was it solved using the gominga application?

Before gominga was launched for us, we didn’t have an overview of many things – with gominga we now have much more transparency and market overview, not least due to a clear analysis provided by gominga.

Why did you choose gominga and its application (SaaS solution)?

gominga is a leader and therefore the right partner for us.

How did the gominga application benefit you?

Higher customer satisfaction, transparency, market overview, reporting

What do you particularly appreciate about working with gominga?

A super friendly team that responds highly professionally and quickly to our needs with optimal results.

Who would you recommend gominga and its solutions to and why?

Every company across all industries that cares about its customers and their opinions.