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AmazonWorld Convention 2018: Amazon-SEO has enormous potentialamazon

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On 6 and 7 March 2018, the AmazonWorld Convention took place as part of the Internet World EXPO – Europe’s largest e-commerce trade fair with over 16,000 visitors. For two days, renowned Amazon experts shared their expertise in lectures, discussions and workshops. The speakers reported on their experiences, dos and don’ts and Amazon best practices.

Amazon Optimisation: Amazon SEO and campaign optimisation are and remain crucial for long-term success

The AmazonWorld Convention is an industry get-together where everything revolves around the topics of selling, advertising and analysing on Amazon. 30 top speakers will provide valuable insights into the Amazon world and highlight operational and strategic areas that are currently affecting the German-speaking Amazon industry. Topics and questions during the two-day AmazonWorld Convention 2018 included:

  • Tips for conversion-optimised product presentations on Amazon
  • Amazon SEO and PPC: Dos & Don’ts
  • Amazon Analytics and Reporting: Best Practices & Pitfalls
  • Amazon KPIs: key performance indicators and how to determine them
  • Legal certainty on Amazon: what is allowed and what is not
  • Current trends and developments on Amazon
  • New solutions for sellers and vendors

Amazon optimisation opens up new sales worlds

The heterogeneity of topics and speakers at the industry meeting was due to the fact that different facets of the Amazon universe, challenges and advantages, were presented in a transparent and comprehensible way. Tobias Gellhaus, a hitherto non-digital entrepreneur, reported on his e-commerce success story on Amazon, which was possible thanks to professional support and his own entrepreneurship. The digital transformation through the implementation of his own shop and sales via Amazon opened up completely new digital sales worlds for him. On the other hand, there were lectures by Amazon experts who had been with the company for years and who presented further measures to the participants in a way that was easy to understand.

Day 1: Amazon becomes even more important in e-commerce than before

The first day of the AmazonWorld Convention was marked by presentations in which Amazon experts, experienced sellers and analysts gave practical and worth knowing insights into the Amazon universe. Several speakers explained the reasons for Amazon’s role as the most important e-commerce platform in the Western world.

Stefan Bures from metoda and Franz Jordan from Sellics, among others, emphasised the currently very important and rapidly growing importance of Amazon within the German e-commerce landscape. In addition, the speakers gave valuable tips on Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC, e.g. with regard to the question of what is absolutely essential when optimising product data or effective advertising on Amazon. A detailed keyword research should go hand in hand with the optimisation of product information and ads. In addition, a precisely fitting, truthful and relevant product optimisation is also decisive for the recently introduced Amazon quality factor, which is decisive for the ranking on Amazon. Amazon SEO and PPC should therefore be viewed holistically and their performance is inextricably linked.

Amazon SEO remains decisive for effective PPC campaigns and good rankings

For Sönke Hansen of ameo, the key to more visibility and sales lies in the Amazon optimisation of the information provided and Amazon Ads. “Keywords must be placed where they offer added value for the customer,” says Hansen. At the same time, he also emphasises that keywords should be positioned “where you have the greatest possible influence on the search algorithm”, for example in:

  • title
  • description
  • enumerations

Amazon SEO is not only a hygiene factor for Hansen, but also an indispensable prerequisite for good rankings and pleasing sales figures.

Day 2: Amazon as a product search engine with enormous potential

The presentation by Jens Jokschat from PrimeUp on the second day of the AmazonWorld Convention was also very exciting and informative. Amazon has long since become a platform for users to search for products. In addition, many speakers pointed out that users use Amazon with a clear purchase intention – in contrast to search engines such as Google, which often serve users for purely informational purposes. This offers retailers and manufacturers enormous advantages in terms of higher conversion rates and increased sales potential.

Users use Amazon with a clear purchase intention – unlike search engines like Google

The second day of the convention also aimed to deepen the existing platform knowledge of the participants in small workshop rounds. Wolfgang Greipl from gominga talked about interesting studies and best practices in the handling of online ratings by companies and thus provided exciting insights, which not only apply to advertising and selling on Amazon, but also to the entire Amazon platform.

Over both days, many speakers also stressed the importance of continuous reporting. Several speakers recommended defining KPIs according to SMART criteria and constantly monitoring them in order to identify positive and negative developments at an early stage. Continuous testing, e.g. using AB tests, is also an important factor in digital (Amazon) marketing.

Conclusion on the AmazonWorld Convention 2018

A total of 30 expert presentations, panel discussions and workshops were held at the two-day AmazonWorld Convention 2018. In addition, the immense importance of Amazon in the e-commerce sector and the associated opportunities and risks for entrepreneurs were clearly demonstrated. However, e-commerce is only one component of the Amazon portfolio. Further developments such as Amazon Fresh or the topic of voice search, which is currently of great interest to the digital marketing scene, were also discussed at the industry meeting. But all speakers agreed on one point: Amazon will continue to gain in importance as a product search engine – in the German-speaking and worldwide e-commerce trade!

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