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Amazon removes its review commenting feature

By 12. January 2021December 7th, 2022No Comments

As you may have heard from the ecommerce press recently, Amazon has deactivated the function of review comments worldwide in the last hours. Since last night, no more comments can be posted and we also found that Amazon has hidden all existing comment fields and has now finally discontinued this function. As a result, neither user nor vendor or seller on Amazon can now comment on an existing product review. Amazon justifies this step with a too low use of the function and refers to the still existing possibility of the “helpful-button”, the report function as well as the interaction function via question & answer.

Thanks to our years of experience in ecommerce and especially in the Amazon cosmos, we are no strangers to such developments. As a technology company and review experts, we observe the market very closely and always react very quickly to any changes. This is also the case here. We are aware of the strategic relevance and importance of the question section, which is also explicitly mentioned by Amazon.

Regarding this recent change of Amazon, we offer the best solution worldwide to professionally answer all product questions on all Amazon country platforms with our ticket management system. We see with many of our customers that the volume of Q&A has risen sharply in recent years and in some cases exceeds the volume of negative reviews (1-3 stars). This trend will increase with the change now made by Amazon. In addition, there will soon be even more advanced control options in our tool with regard to the “helpful button” and the reporting function.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that our platform coverage is continuously growing. Besides Amazon, you can control product reviews and Q&A on more than 100 retailer and brand shop websites worldwide with the gominga Review Manager. Our one-stop-shop for monitoring, alerting, analysis and interaktion for all reviews and Q&A – depending on the platform!

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